General Info
  • Most food moths are quite small (about ½ inch wingspan)
  • To identify the food that is infested, look for webbing laid down by the larvae as they feed on the food - adult moths will also be seen here
  • Often you will see moths flitting about the kitchen or pantry before you find the infested food item
Where They Live
  • These moths will often infest our stored foods (they are often referred to as Food moths or Pantry moths)
What They Want From You
  • Moths can come inside to feed on food, but more often they are brought into the home on food that is already infested
  • Their preferred foods are items like rice, grain, flour, spices, cereals, grits, cake mixes, and pet food
Why They Are A Problem
  • Moths consume and contaminate many food items in the pantry
  • Some moths are a major agricultural concern in certain areas where raw grains are stored
Tips & Tricks
  • Vacuum shelves and cabinets where food is stored to pick up loose/spilled material
  • Store food items in sealed containers
  • Regularly inspect all susceptible foods and discard infested items when found


Moth size bar

1/4 to 3/8 inch long; 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wingspan


Commonly Mistaken for

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