How to get rid of spiders?

Search, Declutter, and Spray Directly

It can be tricky to get rid of spiders, since they often make their homes in secretive, undisturbed places, like attics or basements. Most spiders you find around the house or outside are harmless and easy to kill with just a tissue or spray product. Some, however, are very poisonous, so always exercise caution until you are sure what type of 8-legged critter you are dealing with.

8-Armed and Dangerous

If the spiders you encounter look like the images below, be extremely careful when attempting to treat. Black Widows, Brown Widows, and Brown Recluses can inflict painful and dangerous bites. Contact a professional pest control company immediately (particularly if you see more than one), and they will know how to help your pest problem.



Tips to Solve Your Spider Situation
  1. Keep trash, lumber piles, bricks, and other outdoor structures neat and tidy to prevent spiders from making it their home
  2. Trim trees and shrubbery so that they do not make contact with the home. This is not only a great place for spiders to hide, but it also gives them a quick and easy access point into the home.
  3. Indoors, routinely remove clutter in garages, basements, and storage areas where spiders like to hide.
  4. Remove spider webs with a broom or vacuum cleaner attachment.
  5. Spiders are attracted to areas with other insects, so ensuring your home is insect-free will reduce your chance of seeing spiders.
Squish the Sac

If you come across a spider egg sac in a web, or attached to a female spider, destroy it ASAP. These sacs can contain several hundred eggs that can hatch about two to three weeks after they are deposited.

common house spider egg sac

Lights Out!
light bulb

A spider’s diet consists mainly of other insects. Keeping your outside lights on for an extended period of time will attract flying insects like moths and mosquitoes, and in turn, attract spiders. So be sure to only have them on only when you need them.


Did You Know?

Spiders actually take care of a lot of other pesky insects for us. This is particularly true outdoors. If you can get past the fear of them, and they are not infesting your home, it is best to leave them be. Many people actually capture spiders they find in their home, and release them back into the wild to help prevent other bug infestations.


More Information

Have a question about poisonous spiders? Learn more at, the official Web site for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This resource is provided for informational purposes only. Does not indicate any form of endorsement or approval of the brand or its products by the CDC.

Expert Tips

If you can stomach it, single non-poisonous spiders can be picked up with a tissue just as easily as spraying it.